Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

We attended the first week of the 2010 winter Olympics. My sister Lori Trego and her husband Tim have a condo conveniently located at the finish line of the alpine skiing events (that's right - a free ticket LOL!) and we had it for the first week of the games. We went to quite a few events and a sampling of the pictures we took are below. I'll add more as I get time.


Stephen Colbert's "Defeat the World" poster at the USA vs. Norway hockey game. We took quite a few of these in the hopes that they would give something away for posting them to his website LOL!


Brother in law Tim watching the women's downhill from the ski-in trail at the condos.


Final results from the Men's downhill. IT'S MILLER TIME!


Son Tad, his girlfriend Nicky, me, my wife Tonya, daughter Lauren and boyfriend Ben outside the condo.


The alpine skiing course from the Valley Trail in Creekside. Tim & Lori's condo is just off the pic to the left of the grandstands.



A brush with celebrity! Guy Fietti from the Food Network. We chatted on the way into the hockey game. He's a pretty nice guy LOL!


The grandstands for the alpine skiing events from the condos. We had tickets to two events and the kids went to the women’s super-combined but we were shut out of the men's due to heavy snow the day they were scheduled to take place :(


A women's downhill racer gets some air!


Swiss Simon Amman gets the gold at the men's normal hill ski jumping. He is simply amazing, he also won the large hill jump.


The scoreboard at the end of the competition.


A ski jumper in flight :)


Another ski jumper...


And another...


USA's Nicholas Alexander jumping in the first round


He stayed in the race for a little while anyway!


Ski jumper waiting for his scores


Before the USA vs. Norway hockey game ... the Canadian fans chanted "Let's go Norway!" the whole game. Then the USA crushed Canada in their game on Sunday. KARMA BABY!


GOAL! A lucky shot of the Detroit Redwings' Brian Rafalski's power play goal against Norway makes it 5-1 USA


Rafalski's 2nd goal on the board


Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres makes a dramatic save against Norway


A save by Norway's Pal Grotnes


A near miss!


The downhill course from the condos...


Tonya at the Olympic rings in Whistler Village


There's that poster again LOL!


The ski racing course from the driveway


A women's downhill racer crosses the finish line


USA racer Lindsey Vonn won GOLD in the women's downhill. And her hair was perfect :)


More poster action!


The next few pics are still frames from videos we took. This is USA doubles lugers Dan Joyce and Christian Niccum at the finish line.


Christian pulling into the pits :)




He's happy! They finished 6th!

He's wondering who is screaming and pointing a camera at him


OK she's not going to stop screaming...


Maybe if I shake her hand she'll stop...


Christian shakes Tonya's hand! Nice fishing gloves :)


The Canadian team was happy too. Maybe they celebrated with a Moosehead in the village!


Men's doubles luge winners Austria's Linger brothers at the finish. Yes we were that close!


The Lingers again


Men's doubles lugers in the final curve "The Thunderbird". Did you see that streak go by? At 85 MPH!? Was that a person???


Tim & Lori at the women's luge


Tonya at the luge

Women's lugers in the final curve. And yes it's near impossible to get these pics :)

A few of the women at the finish...

The gold medalist Tatjana Huefner of Germany celebrates her victory


USA luger Erin Hamlin passes us in the path. Her boyfriend suggested that she go find a tree and punch it. I said it doesn't matter if you win, you're USA!


USA luger Megan Sweeney takes a break after her run. Nice pink boa LOL! Here's a quote from her from the USA Olympic team site: When I made the team, I said, 'I want everyone here and I want everyone in hot pink.' Even her sled is pink and blue :)



At the Olympic cauldron in downtown Vancouver

Tonya, Nicky & Lori at pairs figure skating

In the arena

A pair getting ready

Pairs on the ice...


T-t-t-t-t-t-that's all folks!


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