Rock & OreRockOn DVD Sales Policies

By ordering anything from this website you agree to these policies to protect YOU and ME from any expectations either of us may have that can't be met. If it sounds like I'm being a jerk, it's because I have run into problems umpteen times due to misunderstandings and I want you to understand exactly how ordering from this website works. If you need to do it any other way you can alwaks ASK and I may be able to accomodate you.

By ordering from this website you consent to be contacted by email OCCASIONALLY to announce new products or special offers.


  1. The USPS jacked up the price of priority mail boxes yet again in January 2023. I am holding the line on prices for now, I don't like how much they cost either. Material will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail at $15.50 for a medium box (up to about 18 lbs.), $20.65 for a large box (up to about 35 lbs). I can stuff items that aren't particularly fragile up to 3 or 4 pounds in a Padded Flat Rate Envelope for $9.10 (for instance a couple pounds of obsidian needles or a few polished rocks). I will ship via USPS parcel post if the total will be less than $9.10 (which is not much material, up to maybe 2 lbs. if you live in western OR or WA; 8 oz. - abt. 1 lb. elsewhere). Anything under 1 pound will be sent First Class parcel.

    I will send an invoice through Paypal or email you with a total if you paid with a money order after I have packed your material. If you don't pay the invoice within a few days I'll send you reminders. If you haven't responded after 3 reminders I will leave it up to you to pay or request a refund. If the email subject is something along the lines of "PayPal money request from", this is the invoice, so keep a lookout for it. (It seems like Paypal changes the title of an invoice every year just to screw around with sellers)

    If you pay through Paypal I will ALWAYS ship to the street address that you gave them. That is what they will allow me to do, then the order and the shipping are covered under their Buyer Protection Policy. If you do NOT have a current address on file with Paypal you need to change it before you order from me. Priority Mail boxes are automatically insured for $50 by the USPS if not shipped through Paypal. Orders made through Paypal are insured for the full amount, including shipping.I do not use shipping insurance on other packages; if you want your shipment to be insured you need to request it.

  2. I do not ship outside the US except for OreRockOn Rock Dig Locations DVDs, and even those are now insanely expensive to ship. I have had unending problems with international shipments, the rates have shot through the roof, so I simply won't do it anymore. The international flat rate box prices are now ridiculous ($56.80 for a medium and $73.80 for a large box, and the weight limit on both is 20 pounds). If you aren't a US citizen and you can give me a US address to ship to that's OK. If you make an international order with an international address I will refund your payment minus the Paypal fees which they keep no matter what.

  3. Once more, since people sometimes miss the above: I will not, under any circumstances, ship anything international, except for DVDs. No exceptions, period.

  4. If you can't communicate with me via email, please don't order anything from this website. This especially applies to those of you using email filters to catch spam (and those of you who have ISPs who do so); if they are set up incorrectly or too strictly, you may never see my emails, which is a bad thing. If the email paypal has on file for you is dead you won't ever hear from me, I communicate through this email address only.

  5. If you send an email to any address you may have for me, I might not ever reply. Use the contact form. If you paid through Paypal, reply to their confirmation email, and I will always get it. Emails sent to any other addresses will most probably be rejected by my ISP's extremely efficient SPAM filter. Sorry, but I get upwards of 100,000 junk emails a year, and my ISP simply won't let them through.

  6. I do not accept returns or offer refunds except in limited circumstances. If you don't like your material, I am sorry, but I am not a big business and therefore cannot afford shipping something two ways and then eating that cost plus refunding the cost of the item. If the package disappears, and you didn't specify Priority Mail (especially for DVDs which are sent regular mail and therefore are NOT tracked), then chalk it up to our wonderful USPS. The 0.01% of packages sent that disappear into thin air must include something like 99% heavy boxes. Think about it.

  7. I don't sell junk (if you want junk, go shop on eBay). My prices are cheap but they aren't wholesale or garage sale prices for a reason. If I collected junk my yard would be buried in rock. If I keep it then I would use it myself; if I find junk in my buckets later on I give it to my local rock club for tumbler fodder. Same goes for slabs, especially obsidian. If I see color and pattern in the slab I will sell it to you; if I don't it goes in the donations box. I am sorry if you can't see sheen in obsidian slabs or rough; I saw it, I judged it to be representative of the material or better, and that's why I sold it to you.

  8. I am not responsible for your not following the instructions on the order page or clicking at random on the PayPal cart buttons. If you don't know what preforms or slabs are, if you don't understand ordering by the square inch, or know the difference between rough, slabs, and preforms, then please ASK FIRST. If the quantity available says "sold out", I have none, and ordering it won't do you much good if I don't have any. If it says "ask", then please ASK FIRST before you click. Asking saves everyone time and aggravation.

  9. If I mess up your order, which has been known to happen, I will make it right at no additional cost to you. These situations include: wrong material, missing items, wrong order, and bad DVD/USB/SD cards (I check every one but sometimes they fail to work on some drives/devices). If you change your mind for any reason whatsoever, I will send you exactly the amount that you sent me minus the Paypal fees, which as of 2020 they are keeping regardless of refunds. It's not my fault if you decide you don't want something you ordered from this website.


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