Mt. Hood Rock Club at McDermitt Oregon during the annual Week-Long Field Trip in June 2000


Note: Due the the ever-changing cast of characters involved in the clubs, and my limited time, I no longer provide contact information for the clubs. I urge you to just attend a meeting if you are interested in joining a club!

Clubs: I STRONGLY urge you to put up your own web site; then I will gladly provide a link to the site to direct potential members.


NARG - North American Research Group fossil club

Columbia Gorge Rockhounds (recent article)

Mt. Hood Rock Club - Gresham

Columbia-Willamette Faceters' Guild - OMSI Portland

Clackamette Mineral & Gem Club - Oregon City

Oregon Agate & Mineral Society - OMSI Portland

Tualatin Valley Gem Club - Forest Grove

Willamette Agate & Mineral Society

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals (you are required to go there at least once!)


(click here for the pdf to print)


Oregon Council of Rock and Mineral Club member clubs

Prineville Rockhounds Pow Wow Club

WA State Mineral Council clubs and field trips

Clubs in WA State

Idaho Clubs List

All Rockhounds Pow Wow Club of America

Northwest Federation of Mineral Societies

American Federation of Mineral Societies

Rock & Gem magazine club listings

Victoria Lapidary Mineral Society BC Canada

British Columbia Canada Lapidary Society

Type the email address above into your email program. The last character is the number one, not an I.

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