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This is me with my trusty demolition hammer :D And my favorite drawing by my favorite fish nut artiste (Ray Troll). Welcome to my home page!


Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)'s TV show Oregon Field Guide has done a story on thunderegg hunting that aired on October 31st, 2013! We were featured digging thundereggs at the McDonald Ranch in Ashwood, OR, cutting and polishing the egg, and many of our specimens were shown. There's lots of great info and footage of thunderegg enthusiasts at Richardson's Ranch in Madras OR, one of the premier thunderegg digging locations anywhere. The episode is available here!

The major feature of my home page is to provide a home for the FIRST, BIGGEST, and BEST Oregon Rockhounding page on the WWW, Ore-Rock-On (OREgon ROCKhounds ONline) which features the rocks, minerals, and fossils, of Oregon & Washington (and some in Idaho and (gulp) northern Cali) These pages have lotsa way kewl rockhounding info and pics of my rocks!


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Pictures from the 2010 Winter Olympics (yes we were there!)

Photo Tour of Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona!

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"These hair strands here...each one's a vibration and every one's supposed to be good...whoops, there goes one." - Jimi Hendrix. I love that quote, and I don't know why :)


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