A Panoramic View from the Rainbow Forest

A Photographic Tour Of Arizona's

Petrified Forest National Monument

Part II

Crystal Forest

This is the Crystal Forest. Many logs here used to contain pockets of quartz crystals, druzy quartz, and other minerals. Unfortunately many inconsiderate people have chipped away or stolen these logs. I didn't see many crystal logs left. These logs that have fractured like firewood are still pretty cool.
This picture gives you an idea of the incredible amount of wood just lying on the ground. Truly awe-inspiring for a dyed-in-the-wool rockhound!

More Crystal Forest
And More...
And Another One...

Giant Logs

The Giant Logs trail is a nice walk,  but maybe by this time you'll be burned out on so much wood!  Anyway here's a few pictures from the trail.

Here's Another One
And Another...

Rainbow Forest

And what tour would be complete without some pictures of the famous Rainbow Logs? The colors in these logs are truly spectacular. Many of them have all the colors of the rainbow represented. I see yellow, red, purple, white, green, and blue in the log above.

Of course there's some huge logs at the rainbow forest too.

And more rainbow wood!

And More...

And More...

And More...

Murphy Ranch

We also dug some Arizona Wood at a ranch a few miles outside of the Monument. They have a little Petrified Forest themselves! Here's a few more pics of their Petrified Garden, as Mrs. Murphy calls it:

 Petrified Garden

 Petrified Garden

I hope you enjoyed your tour!


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