Pictures from Lasolo, Sulawesi

This is our land Cruiser crossing a river in full flood. Notice I am not in the jeep LOL! We went to southeast Sulawesi to investigate the fishes of the Lasolo River for the government. The island is very unique - there are more species of fish, animals, and plants that exist nowhere else than most anywhere in the Pacific rim. I don't have many pics because it was raining about every minute we were there and we didn't catch squat for fish. So I took pics of the trip and the canoe rides.

Planting rice in Molawe Village, Lasolo District, SE Sulawesi

On the road again...we spent 8 hours traveling the potholed and flooded roads to the site. Talk about a butt-buster!

The atrium of our hotel, the Aden, in Kendari, SE Sulawesi. If you ever go there (and I can't imagine why you would!), stay here. Trust me, it's the best in town. Don't miss the open air seafood restaurants on Kendari Beach. Mangrove crabs, giant prawns, fish eggs, fish, are grilled over a hardwood fire. And, it's practically free (like $5.00 for all I could eat).

A drilling camp on the Lasolo River, they were drilling and blasting for the hydroelectric dam that was being constructed there. Note the Indonesian Elvis!

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