Rock Cutting and Polishing Services

PLEASE NOTE: I am backed up through the end of March. If you want to get anything cut and/or polished shoot me an email then! My minumin charge is $5.00.

Please carefully read this entire section before you use the contact form:

I can only cut and/or polish virtually all types of agate, jasper (including picture jasper), obsidian, petrified wood, thundereggs, and closely related rocks. In other words there is quartz in it. ALL crystals, river rocks, limestone, rocks that look like they belong in driveways, marble, granite, are just some of the types that I can't polish. Really soft jasper won't polish and I usually won't cut it because it turns the oil in my saws to mud. Anything soft enough to turn into powder or chip like crazy when you whack it with a hammer is none of these. I will ask you for clarification about some rocks that are probably none of these but may have a chance of looking OK when they are cut. I don't want to waste your money on rocks that will look ugly :) I will send them back, on your nickle, if I can't do anything with any of them.

It will help greatly if you take photos of your pieces if there is any doubt; they are always good to have anyway so there is no misunderstanding of what I can or can't do. If you send something I can't do anything with after I get all the info from you then I will charge for shipping it back, unless there is a huge misunderstanding or a mistake on my part.

I can cut pieces anywhere from a couple inches across to around 10" in the shortest cross section. I can cut them in half or slab to any thickness you want. I can polish anything with a flat cut surface, up to about 5" across the longest side. I will cut it for you if it isn't cut already. I can't polish anything that isn't sliced on a rock saw, or obsidian (it's just too much agony to get it scratch free). Slabs that are 1/2" or thicker are OK too (nothing thinner please). The equipment I use results in a very flat, very highly polished surface on most types of rock. Almost nothing cut with a tile saw without a vise will be suitable for polishing unless I cut the face off. Same goes for saws that are misaligned or have a worn blade. If it is a very rough surface, has grooves, chips, and/or isn't flat I will recut it first. If I can't then I will send it back.

Turnaround time typically varies from a week for small jobs to 4-6 weeks for a big box o' rocks, depending on how much other work I have lined up. If I have free time I can occasionally get to your rocks right away. You can bring them here (Oregon City OR) or mail them. Depending on where you are, USPS rates are generally $9-$12 for up to 3 or 4 pounds, heavier than that, flat rate Priority Mail is almost always cheapest. A medium flat rate box ($13.65) can hold up to about 15 pounds (which is packing them in tight) a large flat rate box ($18.90) can hold up to about 25 pounds. Pack cut rocks and slabs in tight and in bubble wrap, if it chips in shipping it may be unusable or need to be cut again. Pack uncut rocks wrapped in newspaper etc. in tight, if they roll around and hit each other they're likely to get damaged. The postal service seems to think that everything even a little heavy needs to be thrown off a roof first!

My rates are: My minumin charge is $5.00. (which will be applied to the total if it comes out to more than $5.00 so it's not a separate fee). For slabbing or cutting in half (no polishing) $0.40 per square inch (for example a 4" by 4" square shaped piece is a maximum charge of $6.40; it's always less if not a perfect square or rectangle). Both side count for cutting a rock in half. For taking multiple slabs from a piece, I charge for one side. Add an additional $0.35 per square inch for polishing. So slabbing and polishing both sides of a piece would amount to $0.75 per square inch. If you send me cut rocks with a flat smooth surface the rate for polishing is $0.35 per square inch. Rough or not perfectly flat faces will have to be cut again.

If this sounds draconian, it's because it is. I don't want to waste your or my precious time.




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