Lapidary Machine Restoration

Due to popular demand I've added this page to showcase my restored/refurbished lapidary equipment. These are examples only, all of it has been sold or is humming away in my shop :) I will do restorations for you if you can do the following:

Bring me a piece of equipment to restore, I'm in Oregon City OR. If you want to ship it here that's fine, but I will charge extra to ship it back to you. It can be a pretty well roached machine as long as the parts are all there. (I've seen the Ebay sellers call these "well loved". Yeah right, if someone loved their equipment it wouldn't have been left out in the rain for a decade). If it has gaping holes or is just a shell with few or no parts you should recycle it. I can't do things like make a shaft for a cabochon machine or slab saw. I can tear apart and replace most everything else with usable parts. Decide what you want to end up with: A useable machine that you will hook up to a motor? A fully functional machine with a base (if applicable) and a motor? A machine that looks like it came from the factory complete with all the original bells and whistles? A machine in great shape that will last a lifetime? Almost all the restorations I do for sale fit into this category. I really prefer to do these, I will only send someone home with a "plug and play" machine that they can plug into a receptacle and use right now. I don't charge hourly labor. Some machines require a few fixes or a modification or two to get them up and running. Others require a few weeks tearing down and rebuilding from the bottom up. I figure the labor into the price. I'm not doing this to turn a giant profit, I just really like doing it although when I'm busy it might take a while.

Virtually all of my equipment these days is being prepaid by customers who want a restored machine. If I find equipment that no one wants to prepay for, it will end up on the Equipment For Sale page. If you want a specific machine and are willing to PREPAY my up front cost for it (I'll get you a ballpark estimate and invoice you for the final restoration fee after it's finished) CONTACT ME HERE! (if I find that I can't restore it to my satisfaction then I'll reimburse you for the cost of the machine).

It needs to be a relatively common machine used in lapidary work. Examples include (example machines are here; I have done many more than these, but the pics have been lost to various hard drive crashes (:

(click on the name to see the examples)


The Way I Do Restorations

(I don't believe in selling "you fix it" machines so I don't sell any) Every piece is completely disassembled, sanded to remove all traces of rust and loose paint, primed, painted and clear coated. I uses epoxy paint on heavily used surfaces. I check every part, lubricate bearings etc., and replace parts as necessary. I update components that are worn or out of date, and occasionally tweak the machines so they perform better than they did out of the factory. All machines come with working, safe motors and I always update the electrical components to make them safe and reliable. If they need a cord I usually chuck the original and make a new one. Old, underpowered motors and old, ungrounded, undersized cords are a fire waiting to happen and go straight into the trash can. I check the motors and if they aren't safe I will replace them with new or used motors in good condition. If you need any supplies to run the machines or they require additional setup, I tell you that and give recommendations. I don't leave it up to you to guess like the online sellers. I price the restoration work fairly, factoring out the value of a machine in the condition that you bring it to me. Note that this has nothing to do with the price you paid for it, I usually know what fair value for unrestored machines is, if not I can research them.

You can pay through a Paypal invoice, cash, money order, cashier's check (no bank checks sorry), or I can take a credit/debit card here.


CONTACT ME HERE to get started!

If you are not intending to buy any equipment, or have any equipment restored, please don't ask questions about anything listed on this page, your saw, your buddy's saw, any other lapidary equipment, etc. I simply don't have the time to answer questions about someone else's equipment so I will NOT respond! (yeah I know someone ignores this about once a week)


Slab Saws


Highland Park 20" Slab Saw


Highland Park 20" Slab Saw (this one was so beautiful I kept it!)


18" Belmont Slab Saw


16" Highland Park Slab Saw


16" Royal Slab Saw


18" Frantom Slab Saw


Ideal 24" Slab Saw


Highland Park 18" Slab Saw (This was mine for 10 years until I found the 20" above!)


Lortone LS-14 Drop Saw


Lortone LS-18 Slab Saw


Lortone PF-10 Drop Saw


Trim Saws


Sears 10" Trim Saw


Beacon Star TS-10 10" Trim Saw


Rock's Texas 6" Trim Saw


Highland Park 8" Trim Saw


Lortone 8" Trim saw


Highland Park 6" Trim Saw


Rock Rascal 6" Trim Saw



Cabochon Machines

Roy's Vertical 6" Cabochon Machine


Diamond Pacific Genie 6" Cabochon Machine


Lortone 6 Inch 6 Wheel Cabochon Machine


Lortone Max Pro 8C 8" Cabochon Machine


8" Star Diamond GP-8 Four Drum Cabochon Machine


6" Star Diamond GP-6 Cabochon Machine


Covington 8 inch Cabochon Machine


6" Star Diamond GP-6 Cabochon Machine


8" Star Diamond Super GP-8 Cabochon Machine


Fulmer's 8" Cabochon Machine


Ringleader 6" Cabochon Machine


Lortone 6"Arbor



Combination Machines


Lortone LUX-6 6" Trim saw and arbor


Highland Park 8" Combination trim saw & grinder


Barranca 8" Combination Machine


Highland Park All-In-One Combination Machine


Rock Rascal Model T Combination trim saw & grinder


Lortone LUX-6 6 inch Combination lapidary arbor & trim saw


Highland Park B-12 Combination Cabochon, Polishing & Trim Saw


Lortone Combination Sanding & Buffer Machine



Polishing/Buffing Wheels



Sphere Machines


Scott 2 Head Sphere Machine


Richardson 3 Head Sphere Machine


Vibratory Flat Laps

Lortone 15" Vibratory Lap


Lortone 20" Vibratory Laps


Lortone 12" Vibratory Lap


Craftsman 12" Vibratory Lap



Covington Mounted Wet Belt Sander



7" High Speed High Overhead sanders


Highland Park Wet Belt Sander


Rock Tumblers

Burr King 40 pound Tumbler


Lortone 2 Barrel Tumbler


Custom 12 Pound Tumblers


Viking Tumbler


Lortone 12 lb. Tumbler


Flat Laps

Craftsman Flat Lap



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