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This is the home page of Oregon Rockhounds Online. Ore-Rock-On was founded by Tim Fisher (me) on Sunday, June 4, 1995, whilst putting off lots of yardwork which I had to do. The organization's membership immediately swelled to four to include my wife, Tonya, and my kids, Tad and Lauren. They were totally enthusiastic about joining, and besides, they didn't have a choice!  

This site has two purposes. The first and foremost is a guide to Pacific Northwest Rockhounding sites
The ulterior motive of this page is to buy, sell, and trade lapidary rough, display specimens, fossils, and knapping materials (obsidian)


Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)'s TV show Oregon Field Guide has done a story on thunderegg hunting that aired on October 31st, 2013! We were featured digging thundereggs at the McDonald Ranch in Ashwood, OR, cutting and polishing the egg, and many of our specimens were shown. There's lots of great info and footage of thunderegg enthusiasts at Richardson's Ranch in Madras OR, one of the premier thunderegg digging locations anywhere. The episode is available here!

Buying Stuff

I do occasionally buy lapidary equipment and rock, supplies, slabs, etc. I get emails from folks at least once a month about buying stuff, especially estates. I almost never bite, but I wil at least help you if you can tell me the following. If it sounds like I am being tough, I'm really helping you from wasting your time and energy. My advice to you is email me IF:

1) You are within a few hours of Potland OR. I won't drive across the northwest to look at a collection.

2) The equipment is useable or can be reasonably refurbished, not trashed, squashed, or left out to rust. I generally am looking to buy rock saws and cabochon units (not grinders, those are a dime a dozen). I will consider tumblers, flat laps, sanders, polishers, etc.

3) The rock is of very good to exceptional quality. If it looks like driveway or yard rock, it probably is. Massive piles of thundereggs, petrified wood, obsidian, jasper, agate, etc. are never all of decent quality. I can spot what's good stuff and rock wall material in pics if you send some decent ones. If you aren't sure what you have, find out if there's a local rock club that is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corp. If you donate the rock to them, you can take a tax write-off for whatever they value the rock at. That's the best option for the majority of people with large collections of self-collected rock.

4) If you are unsure of what you have send pics or a detailed descrption or I probably won't answer. If you're looking to offload everything to one person I'm probably not your guy. I have almost never seen one person buy an entire collection and all the equipment.

5) I cannot pay anywhere near retail prices for equipment or rock. Unless it's something really special I will resell it and I need to make something on it. Don't look at what new equipment opr rock is priced at or what the Ebay or Craigslist sellers are asking. Typically well under fifty cents a pound is what you can expect for a large collection of rock. Cut the full retail price of equipment by 75% and you're close to what you can reasonably expect to get for it depending on its condition. Keep in mind that just as with new cars, the value of brand new equipment drops 1/4 - 1/3 of the price you paid as soon as you cut the check.

If you made it through all of that then please feel free to CONTACT ME HERE

Check us out on Facebook for some more pics and updates whenever new items are added!

I now do restoration of used lapidary equipment by popular demand. Click on the link below.

Lapidary Equipment Restoration Services


Stuff For Sale

For those of you who are looking for something specific in my for sale pages, such as when I list refurbished equipment, I might have a solution for you. You may want to try this:  https://www.changedetection.com, I think all you do is sign up and enter the address of the page, for example if you are looking for equipment enter http://orerockon.com/equipment_for_sale.html, and they should send you an email when I add something. BUT, it probably will send you a notice when I change one letter of one sentence on the page, so you might get annoyed by it at some point. It's a great way to track when I list new polished items, since I typically don't change anything until something sells and/or I add items, and equipment, which I never change unless I add new pieces or change the status to "sold" as they sell.


OreRockOn Pacific Northwest Rock Dig Locations VERSION 8 is here! 1,053 collecting area maps! 3,368 waypoints, 36 site writeups, 396 Overview maps, 1,268 detailed topo maps, 3,404 GPS waypoints and 2,500ish photos! ALL Gem Trails of Washington, Gem Trails of Oregon, Gem Trails of Idaho & Western Montana, Rockhounding Montata, Gem Trails od Northern California, Rockhounding Oregon, and Rockhounding Idaho book sites location waypoints and maps! Formats: Computer DVD, USB Thumb Drive, Micro SD card, FTP Download


Lapidary Materials, Faceting Rough, Fossils, and More for Sale


Obsidian for Knappers and Obsidian Needles for Sale


Lapidary Equipment for Sale


Lapidary Equipment Restoration Services

Lapidary Arts Instruction Classes


Rock Cutting and Polishing Services


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Cool Rock Stuff!

Fluorescent Thundereggs (the coolest thing since microwave ovens)!


Green River Formation Wyoming Fish Fossil Digging


NARG Fossil Whale Skull Search & Rescue


Zeolites from NW Oregon and SW Washington


A Photo Tour of the Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona


Some Pics of My Shop, Equipment, & Rock

Gem & Mineral Clubs


Mt. Hood Rock Club Annual Show MAY 2019 - WD Jackson Armory 6255 NE Cornfoot Rd., Portland, OR

NARG North American Research Group Fossil Club Fossil Fest AUGUST 2019 @ Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals, Hillsboro OR (includes free admission to the museum!)

Portland Regional Gem & Mineral Assoc. Show of Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, and Jewelry October 12th - 14th 2017 @ Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Canby OR.


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