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I am selling some of my collection of cut and polished specimens before it overruns my shop :) These are halves for display, not slabs. The size of each is noted, a well as the locality where they were collected. None of the photos are enhanced - indeed, the photos don't do these proper justice.

These have all been polished by ME, which means that they have an excellent to mirror polish. The fine white lines and spots you see on a few of the pieces are the result of polishing compound that gets stuck in the tiny fractures, pits, and softer areas that many agates have. I have not filled them in or worse yet colored them with a marker. You can remove it with some patience and a fine steel wire brush or color it yourself. I am just being totally honest about what you are looking at here.

All agates will be sent Parcel Post mail or flat rate priority mail ($13.00), whichever is less unless you specify the shipping method.

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I'll be adding more as time allows, so check back often :) I'll try to post them as I add them to my Facebook page

Please note: I have a minimum order of $25 before S&H charges.



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I wil bill shipping charges later through Paypal. Agates will be sent via Parcel Post Mail for light or small agates, or flat rate priority mail ($13) for larger ones.








Agate 01 Polka Dot agate, Ashwood OR

6 1/4" BIG slab. Dug in the early 90s, lots of dots. You just don't see many like this these days.


Agate 02 Cacoxenite in quartz

3 1/4" piece, the only one I have ever had. The mineral grew inside a quartz crystal. This is great for cabbing, a little rough but you can get some cabs out of it.


Agate 03 Graveyard Plume Agate, OR

6" beautiful display piece, this is the black marcasite plume type. The plumes are the same gold as pyrite when the light hits it just right.


Agate 04 Turritella agate, Wamsutter WY

3" Faced chunk, you can get quite a few slabs from this. Fossilized snails in a black/brown agate.


Agate 05 Agate nodule, unknown location

2 3/4" faced nodule, probably from the Pacific Northwest.


Agate 06 Stinkingwater White Plume agate, OR

5 1/4" piece, Small white plumes in an interesting background.


Agate 07 Brazil Agate

3 3/4" piece, Cool picture (I'll let you decide what it is).


Agate 08 McDonald Ranch Yellow Moss Agate, OR

2 3/4" piece, not much of this was ever found.


Agate 09 Agate nodule, unknown

2 1/4" most of a nodule with a polished face. Much bluer than it looks.


Agate 10 Agate Nodule Ashwood OR

2 1/2" across x 2 1/2" deep. The lcoal ranchers call these "potatoes". You'll see why when you get it :)


Agate 11 Brazilian agate

4" piece "The Scream" Is it too late for Halloween?


Agate 12 Chief Paulina agate, Ashwood OR

3 1/4" faced chunk. From the Nartz ranch, it looks like Polka Dot because you can just about see the Polka Dot mine from the pits. Not much of it with the dots was ever found. Chief Paulina of the Nez Perce tribe met his demise a few miles from the pit, and the rancher said you can see his ghost here.


Agate 13 Turritella agate, Wamsutter WY

3 1/2" piece, fossilized snails in a black/brown agate.


Agate 14 Marston Ranch jasp-agate, Ashwood OR

4 1/2" piece. From the marston ranch, it looks like no other wood replacement jasper. There were giant logs of it dug in the glory days, sadly there is no more that can be easily dug so it's likely colsed down forever :(


Agate 15 Maury Mountain Moss agate, OR

2 1/4" piece, red-gold moss.


Agate 16 Brazil Agate

4 1/2", 1 1/4" thick slab. Lots of slabs here.


Agate 17 La Choya/Las Trancas "Coconut", Chihuaua, Mexico

FREE with $25 purchase. Please only order one.



Agate 18 Montana Moss agate, Yellowstone River, MT

3 1/4" piece, this has a lot going on!


Agate 19 Brazil Agate

2 3/4" piece, quartz crystal center.


Agate 20 Imperial Violet agate, Mexico

3" piece, this is from a gentleman who was a mineral collector who took groups to Mexico. He bought some from a mineral seller who found it but didn't want it, but never asked where it was located and never saw him again. I traded him for all of it, so I'm fairly certain there isn't any more out there.





Please note: I have a minimum order of $25 before shipping charges.

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